10+ Simple Coffee Bar Plans

We've compiled some simple beginner friendly projects, to create your very own, at home coffee station! 

What type of coffee drinker are you? How do you prepare coffee? At home, on the go, pressed, from a pot, Keurig, pour over, grind your own beans? Each process uses different supplies, appliances and materials. 

Questions to ask before getting started on your very own coffee stand.

  • Do I have a space in my home to create a coffee station?
  • What components are needed in everyday coffee making?
  • Do I want hidden storage?
  • Does it need mug, tumbler and lid storage?
  • How to incorporate it into the existing look and feel of my space?

Once you answer these basic questions, check out these simple plans that will help you achieve your dream coffee station! Please share and tag us in your builds!


  • Save money in the long run if you buy a single coffee everyday
  • Organizes everything in one place
  • Convenience
  • Saves time 
  • Beautiful addition to the home
  • Creates more storage options



1. Coffee Station Snack Cabinet

snack cabinet for mini fridge or coffee storage

We love this one because of it's dedicated storage!

The top is for the coffee making appliance and has a good amount of space for working.

The drawer has K cup storage.

The cabinet has pullouts for storage of cups and more.

This is a great plan to add a mini coffee bar to just about anywhere.



2. Simple Coffee Bar

simple coffee bar island

This small coffee bar, kitchen island has open shelves! Great for a beginner woodworker, with plenty of storage for a home coffee station. Another project great for small spaces. This is a reader submitted photo, modified from a full size island plan. The plan is easy to modify to fit your space and need.



3. Small Rolling Island

small rolling island with drawer

This small rolling island is perfect for a coffee center! With an added drawer and open shelf storage you have options. We love that it can double as extra prep space and can be rolled around the kitchen where needed! 



4. Simple Console Coffee Station

console table coffee station

This plan works in a living room, outdoor space, entryway, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and as seen here a coffee bar! One of our most loved plans, built by thousands of people, it's a beginner friendly project that looks amazing! The versatility of this piece allows for different sizes and finishes, along with added personal touches. This coffee console has tons of open storage that also works for crates or basket storage! Reader submitted photo.



5. K Cup Holder

diy keurig k cup holder

This is for Keurig and K Cup users! Check your scrap pile and throw this project together, in no time. A great addition to keeping a DIY coffee station organized and functional!



6. Coffee Bar Cabinet

coffee bar cabinet

A coffee cabinet allows so much storage to keep all of the coffee supplies in one place as well as max organization! This plan is easy to modify, make it, deeper, wider, shorter, taller, whatever works for you and your space! Add some decor items to dress it up and finish to match the rest of your home and space. Reader submitted photo.



7. Barn Door Coffee Bar

barn door coffee station

Another versatile coffee bar plan! We love it, as seen here as a personal coffee station. Such a great way to create a unique space in your home, dedicated to a daily habit for the coffee drinkers out there! This coffee station is functional and beautiful! The added storage can be beneficial for other dining and kitchen items, while still providing a designated coffee, hot cocoa or tea spot. Reader submitted photo.



8. Floating Shelves

coffee station floating shelves

Do you have an open wall above your coffee bar? Consider adding floating shelves to the coffee station. Not only are floating shelves beautiful, they also bring functional storage, will aid in the process of making coffee at home, with extra organization options. Floating shelves can be modified to be more streamlined, chunky, long, short, and some even pack a hidden drawer!

Add hooks to the bottom for even more storage as seen here! Reader submitted photo.



9. Cup Tree

diy cup tree

This simple, beginner friendly cup tree, can be added to an existing countertop, OR be sure to include it in your new coffee station! It uses minimal materials and basic tools to build and doesn't take much surface space on the top of your new coffee bar! Buy some cute mugs to display, also easy reach and organization for daily use. 



10. Farmhouse Coffee Stand

farmhouse coffee bar

We love what Raising 4 Kings Designs did here, using our farmhouse potting bench plans, they created this awesome coffee bar! Simple construction, beginner friendly and affordable! We love the added hook storage for mugs along with the open bottom shelf, why didn't we think of that?! We have tons of other console, island, and cabinet plans that with some vision and planning, would make amazing coffee stations! 



K Cup Ladder Organizer

k cup ladder organizer

This super simple project is easy to build.



12. Rustic X Beverage Center

cheap kitchen cabinet ideas

Here's a very inexpensive way to add a coffee bar to your home. The rustic x console!  There's plenty of countertop space and plenty of shelving.



13. Barn Door Mini Fridge and Microwave Cabinet

cabinet to hold mini fridge and microwave

This barn door cabinet holds a mini fridge and microwave. It's got a nice deep top too - so plenty of work space.



14. Mini Espresso Station with Wood Espresso Machine Toy

mini espresso station

We had to add this one in - a toy espresso station complete with a toy espresso machine.  Yep, we've got plans for that!

10+ Simple Coffee Bar Plans