10 Popular DIY Trash/Recycle Projects

Trash and recycling are daily functions in most households. Let us help you create a more functional and beautiful solution for your home. 

We've compiled 10 DIY Trash and Recycling Centers, each have their own unique benefits. What may work for you may not be the best solution for another, so here are multiple options to choose from when building and designing your own trash and recycling solution. 

Questions to ask yourself before getting started

  • How many bins are needed for my daily use? (trash, recycle, compost, bottles, plastic, glass, dog food...)
  • How much space do I have to work with?
  • Could it double as added organization or storage? (uses for the top surface, drawers, hooks, etc.)
  • Where will it best flow with all other household operations?

This round up of DIY Trash and Recycling projects originates from just 2 plans, which are included below. 

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10 DIY Trash Recycle Projects



1. Slide Out Trash/Recycle Cabinet

basic trash recycle cabinet

This trash and recycle center is a simple, effective and beautiful way to keep trash and recycling neat and tidy. Just build a simple cabinet and add drawer trays to hold each trash bin. This build is modified from our "Small Kitchen Island with Slide Out Double Trash Cans" Plan. Reader submitted photo.



2. Tilt out Trash Bin

diy tilt out trash bin

Here is our basic tilt out trash bin plan. As you will see throughout this post, many have built and modified their recycle and trash centers around this basic concept. This trash bin is great for small spaces also in a home that doesn't have built in garbage options. Build two, this would also be great for storing pet food!



3. Tilt Out Trash/Recycle Bin with Drawer

trash bin with drawer

This trash bin is from the original tilt out plan, but this builder added a drawer and made it the same height as the stovetop, very clever! Great way to add some extra storage and counter top work space as seen here. Reader submitted photo. 



4. Small Kitchen Island with Tilt Out Trash

small kitchen island with tilt out trash

Another clever solution using the basic tilt out trash plan. This builder incorporated the tilt out option into a small island. Great for small kitchens and another way to add extra prep space and storage. Reader submitted photo. 



5. Tilt Out Trash with Open Shelves

tilt out trash with open shelves

Here the original tilt out plan was modified to add open storage, anther great way to double the functionality of the cabinet. We have a lot of basic bookshelf/open console type plans that would allow an easy modification to add the tilt out trash option. Reader submitted photo. 



6. Lift Top Double Garbage Bin

lift top trash bin

Here is a basic cabinet with hinge lift tops to access the garbage bins. Another creative design to hide the garbage and recycling bins, in a functional and beautiful way. The added trim detail on the front is a nice element. Reader submitted photo. 



7. Triple Tilt Out Trash and Recycle Center

triple tilt out trash and recycle cabinet

Here is the tilt out trash bin, tripled up! The builder is using this for laundry, but this is another great trash and recycle option! We love to see the different finish and hardware options, that give each of these projects their own look and feel.  Reader submitted photo. 



8. Built-in Trash Cabinet

built in trash cabinet

We love this built-in trash cabinet using our Shelf Help service! So if you're designing a kitchen and want to simply incorporate a tilt out trash/recycle bin or two, our simple plan is a great place to start! Reader submitted photo. 



9. Small Kitchen Island Double Slide Out Trash Cans

small island with slide out trash cans

Here is our small kitchen island, with double trash cans plan! We love how compact and functional it is, great for a small space or additional trash and countertop storage for any kitchen. 



10. Entryway Hutch with Tilt out Trash Bins

entryway cabinet with tilt out garbage

Browse our bookshelf, console and cabinet plans and get creative by adding a trash and/or recycle option. Seen here, the tilt out trash option is added to a secretary hutch. Another great way to have additional garbage storage, concealed and hidden. Reader submitted photo. 



Recycling Console Table with Charging Center

console table recycling center

Hide the waste bins behind doors, in an entryway console table!  Bonus - this plan includes a charging station!