20+ Amazing Free Bed Plans

Build your own wood bed frame and save hundreds of dollars! These 20 FREE bed plans are beginner friendly, using off the shelf lumber and basic tools.  Our plans include step by step diagrams, shopping list and cut list.

In a bedroom, the bed dominates the room, grounds it, and is the focal point.  All the other bedroom furniture simply compliments the bed.

When choosing the right bed for your space there are some things to consider.

  • What size bed will best fit the room?
  • Bed placement (are their windows and doors that need to be factored in)?
  • Which style best suits your space? 
  • Do you want to create additional storage in your space?
  • What furniture will be complimenting the bed?

Once you answer these basic questions, let's find the perfect bed plan, so you can get building!



1. Modern Farmhouse Bed

diy plan modern farmhouse bed

Kicking it off with this Modern Farmhouse Bed! You can't go wrong with this design, it checks all the boxes. This bed plan is beginner friendly,  and can be built in a few hours! This plan include sizes for Twin, Full, Standard King, and California King! Any finish on this basic modern farmhouse design will look amazing! Please share if you build and tag #anawhite

Be sure to check out our video of the build process!



2. Farmhouse Bed

farmhouse bed free plans

The farmhouse bed was one of my very first diy projects, to start my woodworking journey! In fact this bed right here. It's solid and still going strong after a decade of use. Farmhouse beds are a timeless design and we've made it even easier to build with basic construction methods, no pocket holes required! Build your own farmhouse bed today and save hundreds of dollars! All sizes are available in this plan.



3. Farmhouse Storage Bed with Drawers

diy farmhouse storage bed with drawers free plan

A Farmhouse Storage Bed with Drawers may be the answer for your bedroom set up! Do away with the dresser, or just simply add storage to the bedroom easily. This is a reader submitted photo, where the builder modified the footboard to make it platform style. Check out the other brag posts to see what others have done to modify our free plan. 



4. Simple Panel Bed

diy plan simple panel bed

I've built ALOT of beds - loft beds, canopy beds, bunk beds, farmhouse beds - but in this plan, I wanted to create a VERY beginner friendly plan, with still a beautiful end result.

So only requiring two basic power tools (that everyone should own) - a drill and a saw - you can build this beautiful panel bed! We have every size available in this plan.



5.Rustic Modern Platform Bed

diy rustic modern platform bed plan

A rustic modern platform bed, works great in a space with low ceilings! This platform bed is built with 2 x lumber using easy build methods. Platforms beds are also a way to save money and do away with the boxspring! Just build this solid wood bed frame and add the mattress. The sleek styling and design features look great in any space!



6. Fancy Farmhouse Bed

Feeling fancy? Dress up the standard farmhouse design by simply adding some additional trim and moulding! Below are our King Size Fancy Farmhouse Bed Plans, be sure to check out our queen plans if desired. 



7. Essential Bed Frame in All Sizes

essential bed frame in all sizes plan

This basic bed frame plan is perfect for any bedroom, guest room or Air B&B. Save hundreds of dollars and get exactly what you want! No boxspring or bed skirt is needed on this simple bed frame. Have fun choosing how you will finish this blank slate! Our essential bed frame plan is available in every size! More details of this build in on our Youtube channel.



8. Classic Storage Bed

storage bed plan with or without drawers

No headboard or footboard on this solid bed frame, just tons of storage! Leave the cubbies open and add baskets/bins OR add drawers. This plan is super easy, just build 3 benches and add some trim! The cubbies are nice and deep and allow for so much added storage to any bedroom. This plan is available in different sizes.

Reader submitted photo.



9. Slatted 4 Post Farmhouse Bed

slatted 4 post bed diy plan

This easy to build farmhouse bed featuring slatted design and four poster styling, gives that perfect country feel. We have king and queen step by step plans available. This style is great for a larger open concept room, making the bed the focal point. 

Reader submitted photo.



10. Modern Platform Bed Frame

modern platform bed frame with hairpin legs

Our Modern Platform Plan is one of our easiest designs to build. We have every size available and it can be built without a headboard OR paired with any headboard of your choice! The hairpin legs give it a nice modern element. We've also upholstered the frame using this same plan! That video is HERE .



11. Farmhouse Canopy Bed

farmhouse canopy bed plans

Canopy beds have an allure all their own. You want to make a statement with your bed, check out this Farmhouse Canopy Bed that is easy to build using off the shelf lumber! Want to convert your existing bed into a canopy bed? We have PLANS for that too!



12.Fancy Arch Bed

fancy arch bed plan

Make a glamorous statement with this Fancy Arch Bed! If you build it make sure you pair it with furnishings that don't detract from it's beauty and keep it simple. Our free plans will guide you step by step on how to achieve those beautifully crafted arches. 

Reader submitted photo. 



13. Modern Platform Bed with Chunky Legs

modern platform bed chunky leg plan

Going for the modern vibe? For about the price of a box spring you can build your own modern platform bed frame.  You'll just need a few basic power tools and off the shelf lumber to build - and our free step by step plans with diagrams and shopping list. The chunky legs give this a farmhouse modern feel and look.



14. Chestwick Platform Bed

platform bed chestwick bed

It's all about the fancy feet on this one! We recommend searching and buying the perfect feet for this bed at Osborne Wood.  This plan can be dressed up by adding a headboard, or as seen here sans headboard.

Reader submitted photo - Shanty 2 Chic 



15. Morris Upholstered Bed

upholstered bed plan

This upholstered bed plan brings such a funky, cool and comfy vibe. You may not want to leave your room if you build this! The free step by step plans will walk you through the entire process from shopping, to cutting to assembly! Built by Gina at Lady Goats. 



16. Scrap Wood Storage Bed

scrap wood storage bed plan

Got scraps? This may be the plan for you! You can use pallet wood, any scrap wood, or use regular drawer faces for a more refined finish. This scrap wood storage bed with drawers is sure to make a statement!



17. Lift Storage Bed Trundle

lift bed storage trundle bed plan

This lift bed storage trundle was used in a tiny house we built, it was perfect for the set up. It was slid under another bed, used as a couch for daytime and at night could be pulled all the way out for sleeping on. A tiny house lacks storage, so why not add a lifting mechanism to store all the goods! This lift storage bed would be perfect for a space that needs a bit more hidden storage, but functions as a bed at the same time!



18. Cassidy Bed

wood shim cassidy bed

Can you believe that headboard is just covered with wood shims? We love the beautiful 3 dimensional affect the wood shims give. Check out the brag posts from this plan to see how others have turned their headboard into a work of art! 

Reader submitted photo, Dreaming for more hours in a day...



19. Simple Modern Platform Bed

simple platform bed

Get the mattress up off the floor and build a simple, sturdy, platform bed frame in just a couple of hours! Paint or stain any color you like.



20. Dawsen Canopy or 4 Post Bed

colonial style poster bed or canopy bed

A colonial style poster or canopy bed is sure to delight, so grab your drill,a saw and while you're at it, grab the free plans to build this stunning bed! More photos and details with Jaime Costiglio .



Rustic Modern Farmhouse Bed

rustic modern farmhouse bed

This gorgeous version of our farmhouse bed is a stunner!  The design blends modern with rustic, for a updated version of our classic bed.  



Compact Farmhouse Bed

free plans for white farmhouse bed

Designed for smaller spaces without sacrificing sturdiness or style, this compact farmhouse bed can be painted or stained any color.  We love the simple easy to build and assemble design.



Floating Bed Frame

floating bed frame plans

We love this floating bed frame as it makes the room appear larger, is user friendly with it's toekick, and encloses under the bed to keep it clean.  

Free plans include headboard and frame in all mattress sizes. 

User submitted photo with live edge headboard modification.