20 Firewood Storage Plans

DIY Firewood Storage Solutions 

Want to build your own firewood rack but don't know where to start? Here are some of the best FREE DIY Firewood Rack plans on the internet!

To allow firewood to function and burn efficiently it is important to stack and store it properly. There are many articles about the proper way to stack, store and season firewood. These are the DIY projects to help achieve proper firewood storage whether you have a backyard firepit, a wood burning fireplace or woodstove. 

Indoor Wood Holder Benefits  - An indoor log holder makes it easy to access and feed a wood-burning fireplace. Having the right size log rack for indoor use, makes it convenient to store the right amount of firewood nearby, as it is needed and used. Generally indoor wood storage racks will be smaller than outdoor, creating a storage space for manageable stacks of firewood for everyday use. 

Outdoor Firewood Storage Benefits - An outdoor firewood rack needs to meet a few criteria. Whether is goes on the porch, patio or near a firepit, there are a few main features that need to be included. The stacked wood needs to have good ventilation and airflow and be stored up off the ground. An outdoor firewood rack should be stored near the home for easy access, but not too close, to avoid pests and critters from entering the home. A firewood storage rack allows firewood to be stacked correctly with plenty of airflow. When stored properly, your investment in firewood will be protected by ensuring a hotter and more efficient burn.

Let's look at some indoor firewood storage solutions first!



1. Firewood Console

diy firewood console table

This Firewood Holder Console Table is great for indoor use! Complete with a back to protect the interior wall as well as keep the mess inside the unit, we've also included in this easy diy plan, a small compartment for storing firestarter and lighters, it also looks beautiful inside the home.



2. Modern Farmhouse Console

firewood storage diy firewood console indoor firewood storage

This Modern Farmhouse Console works well for storing firewood right next to a wood burning stove or fireplace, with a space on top for decor and more storage. We love that it can match the rest of the living room furniture. We have plans for the side tablecoffee table,narrow console and desk as well, in this collection!



3. Indoor Firewood Box

indoor firewood box indoor firewood storage

Build an Indoor Firewood Box that is durable and accessible.  This firewood box holds about a quarter of a cord of wood. Sized for 24" logs and makes it convenient to fill the stove or fireplace. The box design with high back keeps the bark mess inside the box and looks beautiful inside the home while doing it!

We've been using this firewood box for several years, and it has held up well, is easy to clean, holds a ton of firewood, and keeps it all contained.  



4. Wood Shed

firewood storage shed

Moving onto out outdoor firewood storage plans. A wood shed is another great way to store a lot of wood up off the ground and keep it dry. We have a smaller shed plan HERE if you'd like a smaller footprint. Our free DIY Plans for this shed are HERE, built by Lady Goats.



5. Indoor Firewood Storage Rack with Simpson Strong Tie

indoor fire wood rack

If you are looking for a quick, easy way to store firewood inside that also looks great, here is a nice indoor log holder, made with 2x2 lumber and Simpson Strong Ties. An easy DIY that can be painted or stained any color to match a rooms decor, or keep it natural as seen here!  By Jaime Costiglio



6. Outdoor Wood Rack with Roof

wood rack with roof outdoor wood storage

This Outdoor Firewood Rack by DIY Pete is well built using weather-resistant materials and will hold about 1/2 cord of wood. We love the added roof and closed in sides to keep the firewood mostly dry with good ventilation!



7. Firewood Storage Rack by Maker Gray

firewood storage rack

This easy 2x4 Firewood Rack by Maker Gray, is a quick DIY project for storing firewood outside. The extra shelf up top is great for kindling storage.



8. Essential Entryway Bench

diy entryway bench pottery barn samantha cubbies

A simple cubby bench can hold a good amount of wood for indoor fire burning as well as serve as extra storage and seating! Our Essential Entryway Bench will look beautiful in any room of the home. This plan is easy to modify overall dimensions to work for any space or room!



Small Indoor Log Rack Firewood Holder

The wood and metal design of this indoor log rack is super cute and perfect for a small amount of firewood storage indoors. By The Inspired Workshop



Modern Wall Mounted Firewood Holder

Add a modern design element with an indoor floating firewood holder. This storage solution is perfect for limited floor space, easy to go vertical and store a good amount of firewood. Another easy DIY by Brepurposed



Small House Shaped Log Holder

Looking for more of a decor item, here is an easy way to create a charming farmhouse style log holder with just a a little bit of lumber. Plans over at Dream Design DIY



Firewood Holder with Kindling Shelf

This plan by Kreg Tool includes an extra shelf. The lower shelf works great for logs, while the upper shelf is great for smaller pieces, fire starter or kindling.



Portable Firewood Rack using Pipes

If you want a portable option that stores a good amount of wood, consider this Industrial Pipe Rolling Wood Rack by The Cavender Diary



Love Create Celebrate Metal Look Firewood Rack

This metal look wood rack is a super simple DIY for storing logs indoors. Grab the plans at Love Create Celebrate.



Firewood Cabinet by DIY Pete

Another great firewood storage solution by DIY Pete is this Outdoor Firewood Cabinet built with some 2x4's and cedar fence pickets!



Simple 2x4 Outdoor Log Rack

This sturdy log holder uses Simpson Strong Tie Connectors with standard 2x4 lumber. Free Plan Over at Strong-Tie DIY



Large Outdoor Firewood Shed by My Outdoor Plans

Want to store even more wood? For larger covered wood shed plans visit My Outdoor Plans for different size options!



Firepit Log Holder by Charles and Hudson

This Outdoor Log Holder by Charles and Hudson would make a great addition to a backyard fire pit. Using just a couple concrete blocks and a couple of boards, this is a quick and easy firewood storage solution!



Outdoor Firewood Rack on Cinder Blocks by Fresh Patio

Here is another great log rack using cinder blocks and 2x4 lumber by Fresh Patio.



Modern Firewood Holding Bench by 3x3 Custom

Add outdoor seating plus firewood storage with a bench! This awesome design is by 3x3 Custom!

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