20+ FREE Pantry Projects Plans and Ideas

Submitted by Ana White on Tue, 01/25/2022 - 08:11

A pantry is a practical solution and need.  The pantry is used daily, between meals, packing lunches, and putting away groceries. Having a clean organized pantry can allow for less time searching, preparing, putting away, and wasting expired food items.

Create a custom pantry easily and affordably with our easy to follow, step by step plans.

  • Does your existing pantry need a revamp?
  • Is your existing pantry lacking function?
  • Do you have space for a freestanding pantry storage solution?
  • Are you currently lacking pantry storage?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, let us help you get organized and improve your life! Here are our top pantry solution plans to help you get started!

Here's our most favorite pantries:

And here's links to these plans, and many more plans and ideas:



1. Pantry Armoire

pantry freestanding pantry diy pantry

Our armoire plan is a great way to add a freestanding pantry to the home. The design allows items to be hidden behind closed doors, which will keep the kitchen looking neat and tidy! If you need more space for storage consider doubling up this plan LIKE THIS and create a pantry wall. 

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2. Pantry in a Closet

easy pantry shelving

No pantry, but maybe you have a closet to sacrifice for the greater good, lol...

Inside this closet, it's just 4 feet wide and 2 feet deep.  Nothing fancy. This is a great way to add some much needed pantry item storage, in the quickest, easiest way. The design makes it easy to modify for any space, take the shelves all the way to the floor, or leave space at the bottom for larger items. This also makes a great upgrade if you're dealing with unsightly and saggy wire shelving!



3. Barn Door Pantry

barn door pantry

The reason I love this barn door cabinet so much is half of what you store in it is on display and easily accessible. Want to add a barn door to your home but don't have a place on the wall for one? This is a great way to add that design element! Don't be intimidated by the size. It's basically just a big bookshelf with a simple planked barn door attached to the front! HERE IS A SMALLER VERSION PLAN





4. Built-in Pantry

built in pantry diy built in pantry

This is the best way to build nice pantry shelving, that will last a lifetime and look great!  I design my kitchens to hold tools (dishes, mixing bowls, pots and pans, cutting boards, etc) and spices and coffee.  That's it. Everything else goes in the pantry.  Yes, everything.  If it regularly rotates out, it needs to be on open shelving in the pantry. Open shelving is also a great way to start and you can add features and systems as you go to maximize functionality! 

Check out our Shelf Help Service that cuts and ships all of your custom plywood sizes right to your door!




5. Roll Out Pantry

rolling pantry roll out pantry beside fridge pantry

Sometimes there is a narrow space beside the fridge that is just begging to be used! This rolling pantry design is an awesome way to add additional pantry storage in a small space!

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6. Patrick's Jelly Cupboard

pantry cupboard jelly cupboard kitchen cupboard

This DIY Jelly Cupboard Plan features a shelves behind doors and primitive styling. 

Have fun with the hardware and wire mesh for the doors, bring some charm into your space with this fun projects character and uniqueness. This piece will add an ample amount of storage to any space!

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7. Bookshelf Pantry

open shelf pantry

Consider building a single bookshelf as an end cap to create extra storage. Open shelving can be a blessing and a curse, it adds a ton of storage, but it is always visible. This design would look good with uniform jars or containers to fill it. A book shelf plan was used here and modified for the exact dimensions for the space! Tie it in with the existing cabinetry or by itself.

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8.Custom Freestanding Pantry

freestanding pantry shelf custom pantry

A custom pantry shelf is a great way to add a pantry to any space. This easy design allows for customization of depth, width and height to fit all the right components! Made of 3/4" plywood from our Shelf Help services, and some additional features make this pantry pretty and functional!




9. Rustic Rolling Pantry Shelf

rustic rolling shelf rustic pantry shelf reclaimed wood diy

We had some leftover wood from building our remote Alaska Cabin, so we decided to use it to also build the furniture! We built this rustic rolling pantry out of rough cut Alaska Sitka Spruce to get this texture on the wood.  To get rid of the splinters, I used a sander with 120 grit sandpaper over top of the rough cut. This left the saw marks, but made the final finish smooth to the touch. Another quick, easy project and the added casters make it nice to move around and clean under!



10. Pantry Shelving

easy pantry shelving

Similar to the earlier plan, this pantry shelving is easy to install and if you're dealing with longer runs, just add a leg to the front to help support the shelves. 

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11. Slide Out Pantry

slide out pantry drawer slide shelf wall shelf sliding pantry tiny house pantry

Super limited on space to add any storage at all? You just need a narrow space available on a wall. We came up with this small slide out pantry design for a tiny house. It is not limited to a tiny house application though, so if it's something that can help in your space, do it! This could be made longer to give even more storage. 



12. Doorless Pantry

doorless pantry makeover

If you have a long closet and don't want to go the traditional shelving route, all the way down the wall, consider floating shelves with a console underneath, built to fit. We have tons of console plans that can be customized easily to fit your opening. This idea allows for open shelving, drawers, doors, whatever works for you! Just google "Ana White Console" to find the perfect plan to pair the floating shelves with!

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13. Pantry Tower

pantry tower

Build a tall kitchen cabinet or buy one off the shelf and convert it into a dream pantry! We have plans for the components you want to add, our roll out shelves, and door spice rack will help make this a hard working pantry! I've linked a tall cabinet plan below.

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14. Freestanding Pantry Cabinet

pantry cabinet freestanding pantry

This pantry cabinet is a great way to add more pantry storage as well as more counter space!

Shared by Jaime Costiglio



15. Tall Pantry Cabinet

tall pantry cabinet

A tall narrow cabinet may be the perfect solution for your space. This easy to follow tutorial is over at The Handyman's Daughter!  Add whatever features and extras to the inside to keep organized!



16. Rolling Kitchen Storage Shelf

rolling pantry rolling kitchen shelf shelf help

This super easy and functional rolling shelf was built with the help of Shelf Help! 

Check out the Shelf Help Configurator TOOL, plug in the dimensions you need for your space, also how many bays and shelves you want to include, we will ship it to your front door. Assemble, paint and add casters! 

Shelf Help can aid in most all of your pantry projects, whether you are building a freestanding pantry, adding a pantry console, or building a tower with drawers and doors!

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17. Easy Freestanding Shelves

easy shelves pantry shelves freestanding shelves

These easy freestanding shelves, are a great way to add shelving just about anywhere. This design is easy to modify and change up dimensions for whatever your space and need. It is also super sturdy and can hold a lot of weight for some of those larger items or appliances.

If you're looking to attach shelves to the wall, HERE IS THE PLAN for that!




18. Walk In Pantry

walk in pantry diy pantry pantry diy

Check out the before and after of this pantry renovation by Handmade Weekly! Complete with a pull out dog food storage cabinet and a tilt out recycling/garbage can! We love the mix of open shelving, countertop and cabinets!



19. Rolling Bin Storage

rolling pantry storage rolling crate pantry bins storage on casters

With the help of Shelf Help, this rolling pantry bin is easy to modify for any size and can roll right under the fixed pantry shelves for even more storage! Add as many bays and configure however it fits your space best.



20. Shelf Cover over Wire Shelves

wire shelf cover faux floating shelves wire shelf upgrade

Using inexpensive wire shelving tracks and brackets and pine wood boards, create beautiful and strong wood shelving the easy way!



21. 2x4 Pantry Shelves

easy 2 x 4 pantry shelves

Build your own sturdy and inexpensive pantry shelving using 2x4s and 1x6 boards.  No plywood, no pocket holes - this is a beginner friendly plan that you can tackle in no time. 

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